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Jimmy The Jittery Jitterbug: Children's Picture Book About Overcoming Anxiety For Kids

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What makes you jitter?

Jimmy just can't seem to stop jittering. He jitters in the morning. He jitters during the day. He even jitters at bedtime. Just watch what happens when it's Jimmy's turn to read aloud at school.

Little children experience BIG emotions every day and when they get overwhelmed it's our job as parents to help them to be calm, to focus and to have direction. Let's provide them with the right tools to properly manage their feelings and emotions.

This beautifully illustrated children's book will focus on three common types of anxiety and phobias in children - separation anxiety, social anxiety and specific phobias - and provides strategies and tools that help Jimmy to overcome his worries and fears.

Jimmy the Jittery Jitterbug is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.
The back of the book also includes discussion questions beneficial for parents,teachers, and counselors to explore possible causes of anxiety of their children/students.

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